Over 25 years of industry experience

Access to more than 50 insurance underwriters

Ability to broker competitive rates to save you money

Wide range of policy options to meet your needs

Personalized service including offsite meetings






Commercial Insurance

You work hard for your business! Let us protect what you have built. Are you adequately covered for your liabilities? We provide convenient onsite service with customized policies that fit your business needs at an affordable rate.


Personal Insurance

Are you paying too much on your current policies? Do you have enough coverage? Too much coverage?  Let us do a complimentary review and find a low rate that works for the right amount of coverage needed for your personal assets.


Life Insurance

Would your loved ones struggle to cover living expenses? What outstanding debts and liabilities would they incur? Is your existing policy appropriate for your current situation? We can help set a plan to provide financial support for those who depend on you.



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"For over 25 years, I have been passionate about bringing peace of mind to my clients by securing their businesses /personal assets & liabilities.  Through my extensive experience I have been able to customize solutions to perfectly fit each situation. My mission is to make sure my clients are adequately protected without overpaying.  I believe this is best accomplished with the freedom to utilize multiple insurers and select the best policies. As an independent agency, we are not limited to a single underwriter and have access to over 50 insurance companies to align ourselves with your best interests. I also believe in providing an exceptional experience with great accessibility to our team and responsiveness to your needs. Contact us to see how we can help!"

                Shahida Subedar

                           PRINCIPAL BROKER




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